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Don't fake your life

Make a life you want to live

Hi, I'm Glenda an Intuitive Mindset Coach helping women to reclaim their lives and to:

  • Stay positive when all around us is chaotic

  • Listen to your intuition and stay connected to your inner voice

  • Quiet your Inner Critic by being your own mindset coach

  • Love yourself deeply

  • Move from anxious to calm 

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I have created a low cost one to one coaching programme for women who are struggling to stay positive at this current time.

They say it takes 30 days to create a new habit. With this programme you will establish a daily practice over the 30 days to connect with yourself and your inner voice, maybe through journaling or meditation, whatever feels good for you. A practice to manifest positivity, encourage gratitude, release your fears and anger and to set daily intentions; to help move us into a softer more loving space where we can release judgement and open ourselves up more to love.  

We meet for three one to one sessions within this time frame where I help you set goals, and support you with any emotional blocks. The programme is designed to help you live your life more consciously, rather than reacting to all that is happening around us.

It's time to transform your self-doubt and anxiety into assurance and confidence, so that you can make choices in life that serve you.

Introductory price of £90 (A saving of 30%)


Wild Flowers

I am passionate about helping women to step into their authentic, empowered and conscious selves. I am an Intuitive Mindset Coach and I help Women to reclaim their lives. I have watched a lot of women around me, myself included, compromise themselves for their partners and family, particularly after having children. So many of us neglect our self-care, overlook our needs and deny our desires. I know that life doesn’t have to be like this, that it is not selfish for women to put themselves first, and that we can teach our children how to live life to the full by being a good example. As a Mother of a teenage daughter I am aware of wanting her to make choices in life that serve her, and not just to please others around her.


I spent the first half of my life people pleasing and I became overlooked in my own life. When I discovered the power of turning inwards, with meditation, painting and journaling, I started a journey of self-discovery; reigniting my passions and finding my power.


I started working with clients in 1998 as a Counsellor. I first read Heal Your Life by Louise Hay thirty years ago, when I began to understand that we create our lives and that what we focus on we attract, and I've completed further training on her teachings.

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Are you ready to take more time for yourself, to give yourself the attention and focus you deserve?

I am excited to tell you about a private Facebook group, YOUR SPACE, for women to gently come back to themselves.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and neglected in your own life and maybe don't even recognise yourself anymore. It's time to remember who you truly are, through journaling, weekly morning meditations and creative exercises you can learn to believe in yourself.

Women who want to raise their vibration and make a commitment to love themselves come and join us inside this supportive community.

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‘Glenda is a very intuitive practitioner and was able to 'tune in' to me and my needs very quickly. I felt safe with her and able to express myself freely with no judgement from her.

She took me on a beautiful visualisation journey, her voice was soothing and her pace was perfect. I went into a very deep relaxed state which I am not often able to do. I came away feeling more at peace and clearer about what I need to do in my life to retain this sense of peace.’ 

Jacquee, Cranial healer and artist

‘I found Glenda's guided meditation at just the right time. I was feeling overwhelmed but Glenda was able to stop it in its tracks. She has such a calming, genuine style and I felt really safe in the session. It was exactly what I needed.' 

Emma Bailie- Business Coach

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'I came away feeling more at peace and clearer about what I need to do in my life'

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If you are wanting immediate support have a look at my FREE RESOURCES page here


As an Intuitive Mindset Coach I help you to connect with your intuition so that it can guide you to live consciously.
I'd love to hear from you if you would like to ask any questions about working together; either attending a workshop or 1:1 sessions online. 



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FAQ's about Intuitive Mindset Coaching

What is an Intuitive Mindset Coach?

An Intuitive Mindset Coach is someone who uses their intuition to tune into the client and help them to connect with their inner self so they can be guided by their own intuition.

How many Mindset Coaching sessions do people normally have?

This can depend on the reason you have chosen to come for mindset coaching and how often we agree to meet. Many people might agree to 3 or 6 months. Currently I have a low cost offer for a 30 day programme where we have 3 sessions to kick start a new daily practice of self care.

Are the Mindset Coaching sessions in person or online?

My Intuitive Mindset Coaching sessions are usually online but we can meet in person in Hove if this is preferred.

What issues do people bring to Intuitive Mindset Coaching sessions?

People come with many different issues. Intuitive MIndset Coaching is good for going deep when you have realised you want to make significant changes in your life. It can also be effective with dealing with anxiety and lack of self-confidence. It helps you to accept and love yourself.

Where are you based?

I am based in Brighton and Hove but my coaching sessions are primarily online.

How long do the Mindset Coaching sessions last?

One hour and fifteen minutes is the length of my sessions. This allows us time to disconnect from the outside world and focus inwards without feeling hurried.

Can an Intuitive Mindset Coach help with anxiety?

Yes an Intuitive Mindset Coach will help you see that you do not have to be ruled by the anxiety. Plus developing a daily practice of self care usually reduces anxiety as you stay more connected with your physical body.

How much do your one to one Coaching sessions cost?

It depends how many sessions we agree to meet for and how often we meet. 

I have a low cost option at the minute with my 30 day programme to reset your life, creating a daily practice to stay positive, encourage gratitude and release your fears. This includes three 1 to 1 sessions over the 30 days.

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Turn inwards to listen
to your intuition

and find out what you really want and need