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5 small Steps to begin to take your life back

FREE 9 PAGE WORKBOOK to help you visualise the next inspired chapter of your life

Has the past year made you question your priorities? Do you know you want more from life, and know there is more to you, but you’re not sure how to make changes; or maybe you’re not yet clear about what you want. This workbook takes you through five easy steps to help you really focus inwards and pay attention to that small voice inside you that will help you visualise the next inspired chapter of your life.

Life is too short to live it by someone else’s rules. It’s time to choose to live your authentic life and step into the person you were always meant to be. It's time to take your life back, time to prioritise you, to begin to nurture yourself, to remember what makes you happy and find your spark again. These five easy steps will help you clarify what you want and design a life with purpose and passion. You deserve this.

This workbook will help you to:

+ find what makes you happy

+ move beyond fear and self-doubt

+ listen to your intuition

+ make choices that serve you

+ discover your passion and purpose

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I'm an Intuitive Mindset Coach and I help Women to reclaim their lives. I am a single mum, a businesswoman, an artist and a writer. I started working with clients in 1998 as a Counsellor. I first read Heal Your Life by Louise Hay thirty years ago, when I began to understand that we create our lives and that what we focus on we attract, and completed further trainings on her approach.

I spent the first half of my life people pleasing and I became overlooked in my own life, ignoring my needs until I became critically ill and crippled with anxiety. When I discovered the power of turning inwards, with meditation, painting and journaling, I started a journey of self-discovery; realising that I had to focus on what makes me happy to reignite my passions and find my power. I can often be found walking by the sea in Hove with an Oat Latte in one hand and a Twix in the other.

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