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Time to Love Yourself Workshop-
cLOSER to you
Online Saturday April 2nd 10am-2pm

Closer To You. Four hours devoted to showering you with love. A space for women to come together and focus your attention inwards, to move from being self-critical to treating yourself with compassion and care, to grow in self-belief so that you can make choices that nourish you.


Have you found you are being hard on yourself lately, or maybe you're not feeling lovable and have become isolated because of restrictions. This workshop is for you if you feel overlooked in your own life, and find that your needs are at the bottom of a long list. Have you lost yourself somewhere along the way? I'm here to let you know that you can feel differently. How would it be to love and appreciate yourself and treat yourself gently with compassion?


How will it be if you continue in your life as you have been? Our unhappiness affects everyone around us and impacts our relationships. 


You can make the difference in your life. Self love helps to improve confidence and allows you to make decisions in your life that serve you.

In the workshop we will be looking at what is getting in the way of loving yourself and begin to quieten the critical voice that is always in your head. We will be healing our inner child so we can appreciate ourselves and open up to receive more love. Through meditation, mindset work and creative exercises, we will listen to that inner voice telling us what we want and need so that we can start to take our lives back and step into our authentic selves.

This will take place in a small group on Zoom so we can be held and supported within the space.

This means there are limited spaces so grab your spot now!

A bit about me.

I am an Intuitive Mindset Coach and I help Women to reclaim their lives. I am a single mum, a businesswoman, an artist and a writer. I started working with clients in 1998 as a Counsellor. I first read Heal Your Life by Louise Hay thirty years ago, when I began to understand that we create our lives and that what we focus on we attract, and I have completed further training on her teachings.

I spent the first half of my life people pleasing and I became overlooked in my own life, resulting in debilitating anxiety and a critical illness. When I discovered the power of turning inwards, with meditation, mindfulness, painting and journaling, I started a journey of self-discovery; reigniting my passions and finding my power. I can often be found walking by the sea in Hove with an Oat Latte in one hand and a Twix in the other.

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'I found Glenda's guided meditation at just the right time. I was feeling overwhelmed but Glenda was able to stop it in its tracks. She has such a calming, genuine style and I felt really safe to join in the session. It was exactly what I needed.'

Emma Bailie- Business Coach

‘Glenda is a very intuitive practitioner and was able to 'tune in' to me and my needs very quickly. I felt safe with her and able to express myself freely with no judgement from her.

She took me on a beautiful visualisation journey, her voice was soothing and her pace was perfect. I went into a very deep relaxed state which I am not often able to do. I came away feeling more at peace and clearer about what I need to do in my life to retain this sense of peace.’ 

Jacquee, Cranial healer and artist

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